Helping create effective workplaces...

  • Assessing the spatial and functional needs of your business;
  • Recommending office furnishings from over 50 lines of product;
  • Recommending a line of raised flooring and moveable walls that will save on occupancy costs (electrical relocation, HVAC distribution, etc.) over the long term;
  • Providing advice on ergonomically correct seating and workstation adjustments;
  • Providing a finance program to assist in the purchase of new or specialized furniture;

Space matters. Solutions for Corporate, Small Business and Home office.


Environments and furnishings to make healing more comfortable, efficient and more conducive for the patient, caregiver and partner in care.


The Classroom and Library of the 21st Century. View our educational solutions here.


Need to know what’s on the furniture supply arrangement? NMSA’s for seating and workspaces can be found here.