Interior Architecture

Glass Selections


A thinner profile unitized wall made of anodized aluminum designed more for a "store front" application.  Glass segmentation can be located in an infinite number of locations with up to 9 graded glass options through an alliance with Bendheim. Also available in butt joint glass with sliding glass doors to eliminate vertical joints.  Wall thickness 2-3/8".  Compatible with Privacy Wall.

Privacy Wall

This solid steel framed unitized wall designed to move quickly and easily.  It features factory assembled modular panels, integral slotting to hang furniture up or down every 1-1/2", a high acoustical rating and surface options including paint, fabric, vinyl or glass.  100% reusable, 90% recyclable.  Wall thickness 2-3/8".

Genius Wall

KI Canada

Genius Architectural Walls have the product depth to achieve any look in any environment.  Unlimited aesthetic options lets you design storefronts, private offices and conference rooms. Available in anodized aluminum, wood veneer, writable/erasable surfaces, vinyl or powder coat paint.  Wall thickness 3-1/2"