Interior Architecture



The Sonet system helps to solve complaints about office noise by using proven sound-masking technology. It can be installed quickly and easily for any employee who is bothered by the distracting conversations of neighbouring co-workers.



Confidante is a retrofittable, low voltage system that uses the electroacoustics of QT™ (Quiet Technology™) to help render speech unintelligible to the casual listener. The result is a comfortable, evenly distributed yet nearly indistinguishable resonance. It is delivered directly into the work zone, not indirectly bounced off the plenum, to create a more distraction-free work environment.  Sound level setting is controlled from a remote hand held device.

QT Pro

QT Pro's direct field speaker technology provides a more uniform sound masking level.   The control module handles up to 5 independently controlled zones with coverage of up to 180,000 square feet. Paging and music capability can be integrated into the system. Sound level setting is web based so that control can be adjusted from your desktop or handheld device.   SouSou